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The Latest from MezLight

What’s Josh Streaming?

by Dr. Josh Mezrich on August 26, 2021

Well, this past year was definitely one of the most unusual and painful years I can remember. Every day felt like Groundhog Day! But one thing I did enjoy was all the shows and movies I was able to stream. Given that we aren’t out of the woods yet, I thought I would write about some of my favorites. They are in no particular order but nothing really is these days so enjoy!

MezLight SM_2021_whats Josh streaming

  • Marvel movies – At the very beginning of the pandemic, when we really didn’t know how long this might last (which I could still say now), we wrote down the titles of all the Marvel movies and watched them in a row. I had only seen a couple of them before, but I loved watching them with the family. I particularly loved Thor (we are so much alike – great sense of humor, similar body-type) and the Hulk (but the Ruffalo Hulk, not so much Edward Norton), and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. And by the way, when I get sick of listening to hip hop barbecue on Pandora in the OR, you can never fail with Guardians of the Galaxy! Check it out!

  • The Queen’s Gambit – this series rocked! I loved it so much. That movie made chess look cool. I used to play when I was younger and may have to pick it up again. Of course I do speak Russian so that is a good start…

  • Sherlock – the Benedict Cumberbatch version. Well, I do love the Brits, and it was really fun to see the scenes shot in London and around the British countryside. And the accents. But it is a great take on Sherlock, Watson is great – I was so sad when I finished it! Hopefully they will make more…

  • The Crown – well of course I had to follow up Sherlock with The Crown. You definitely have to be into the Brits to love this one, but I found it fascinating.

  • The Umbrella Society – the show is a bit dystopian, and perhaps takes a few episodes to get into it. But it’s addictive, great characters, cool plot – and really funny! Great to watch with teenagers. Can’t wait for the next season!

  • Stranger Things – Yes! I loved loved loved this! The plot (ridiculous), characters (who is my favorite – Steve the Hair? Hopper? Dusty?) They are just all so great! And of course the Russian…which if I didn’t mention it before, was my undergrad major. I really am obsessed and cannot wait until the next season!

  • The Plot Against America, The Chicago Seven – ok, I listed two here. They are both brilliant, but of course more serious than the others. The Plot Against America is my favorite Philip Roth book, and the move matches up well with it. Great cast and cinematography. The Chicago Seven was also fascinating. Incredible cast. I hadn’t realized how good an actor Borat is! And of course Aaron Sorkin is so good (although Social Network is his best – and my brother’s best too!).

  • Survivor – this is an oldie but a goodie. Such an interesting show. You all may not know this, but I was really close to being on the first season! (The one naked Richard won). I was in the lab at the time, and read an ad for it in USA today. I applied, made it through a few rounds, and came into the studio to do some filming! I totally screwed up though…I can tell you the story if we ever meet in person. I sure hope they don’t still have the tapes on that. Wonder what I would be doing now if I had gotten on there.

  • Jack Ryan – really I am obsessed with the Office – I should have listed that too, since I am always watching it. But I couldn’t believe how buff Krasinski got for Jack Ryan! He does a great job in that role and I will definitely watch the next season.

  • Last but not least – Ted Lasso! I freaking love Ted Lasso! Everything about him. We all need to be more like him. Be curious – not judgmental…brilliant. This Halloween I am definitely dressing up like him. I may start working on the moustache now.

The opinions expressed in this blog are solely the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other members of MezLight LLC who may consider Schitt’s Creek or Downton Abbey easily in the top 10. Also please be assured that no cash was exchanged for Josh’s endorsement, although that could be subject to change in the future depending on the show and the offer or maybe just the offer.

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