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Got Questions?

So do we, but that's what google is for.

How do you use the MezLight?

See for yourself by viewing our video tutorials and usage tips from Josh. 

Setup + Drapes
Setup + Retractors
Using the MezLight
Assembling and Removing the Focus Lens Housing
Hand Surgery

Request MezLight Instructions for Use


MezLight LLC is registered with the FDA. The MezLight is a Class II device that is 510k exempt. It is manufactured under the required ISO 13485 quality system, ETL certified, and validated for cleaning & sterilization by a 3rd party lab.  

Because everything is better with Mez. 

Like other medical device power supply’s used in the OR you will want to place it in a spot that you expect to stay dry during surgery. One spot is on the top surface of the base of the OR table.

The MezLight is designed to be positioned anywhere on the OR table, and is easily repositioned or moved out of the way during a procedure. The post is specifically shaped to keep it out of the way of your arms and elbows.

Yes, you can wipe down the light and post during a procedure, no need to disassemble or turn off the light.

The lenses can scratch if something hard or sharp contacts them but it should not impact performance of the light.

The power supply is holding enough energy to keep the LED lit while the energy dissipates. The green LED should go off within 15 minutes after unplugging the power supply from the electrical outlet.