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Quality of Light Matters

MezLight is a true instrument of illumination giving you bright light when and where you want it.

  • 250,000 lux brightness
  • 5200k color temperature
  • 90+ color rendering index
  • 3 brightness settings
  • 4" diameter spot (at 12" distance)
  • Autoclavable light and post
  • Intuitive setup and use

MezLight System

The MezLight system consists of 3 components
you supply the OR table, clamp and patient!

The MezLight System provides a better way of performing surgery.

Simple Set Up

Attach clamp

Attach post

Attach power

Attach light

get lit!

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Intuitive Use

Turn on

Aim beam

Select brightness

reposition anytime!

How else can you use the MezLight?

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

HubSpot Video

 Backtable work

Access Surgery

Access Surgery

HubSpot Video

Scrub Techs in the dark!

MezLight is Your Light!

Bright, sterile, flexible.

get lit