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Quality of Light Matters

MezLight is a true instrument of illumination giving you bright light when and where you want it.

  • 100,000 lux brightness
  • 4000k color temperature
  • 90 color rendering index
  • 3 brightness settings
  • 2-5" diameter adjustable spot (at 14" distance)
  • Autoclavable light and post
  • Intuitive setup and use

MezLight System

The MezLight system consists of 3 components
you supply the OR table, clamp and patient!

The MezLight System provides a better way of performing surgery.

Simple Set Up

Attach clamp

Attach post

Attach power

Attach light

get lit!

210426-Mezlight-Video-simple setup
210426-Mezlight-Video-intuitive use

Intuitive Use

Turn on

Aim beam

Adjust spot 

Select brightness

reposition anytime!

How else can you use the MezLight?

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

210426-Mezlight-Video-006_setup back table_1-square

 Backtable work

Access Surgery

Access Surgery

210426-Mezlight-Video-006_scrubtechs in the dark-square

Scrub Techs in the dark!

MezLight is Your Light!

Bright, sterile, flexible.

get lit