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Created by a surgeon.

Meet Josh

Sometimes the solution is obvious. You just need to shine a light on it. 

The concept of the MezLight was envisioned by Dr. Josh Mezrich in his quest to find an alternative to wearing a headlight during procedures.

For years Josh had watched himself, his colleagues, and his wife, vascular surgeon Dr. Gretchen Schwarze, struggle with the negative ergonomic aspects and frustration of headlight use. When he could not find a commercially available solution that fit his needs, he created one…with a little help from his friends.

“The first time I locked horns with another colleague wearing a headlight I knew there had to be a better solution.”  - Dr. Josh Mezrich

Josh Mezrich showing off the new Mezlight
The MezLight is a Snake light for the Operating Room

"Snake light for the OR"

Josh’s concept was essentially a “snake light for the OR”. In order for the MezLight to be adopted by surgeons it could not fundamentally change the way they operated or interfere with the workflows of surgery. This manifested itself in a series of user requirements for the light including:


  • Mount to the OR table rail not the overhead lights
  • Originate at the midline of the table not at the side
  • Sterile so surgeons can control it themselves during procedures
  • Move freely with minimal force but hold position firmly
  • Affordable cost per procedure   


“There is underlying complexity even in the seemingly simplest of concepts, and the MezLight has proven this to be true again.” – Bill Dorr

The MezLight

After more than 20 prototypes, many surgeon feedback sessions, and numerous late nights the team has created the first generation of Josh’s vision, MezLight 1.0.  The patented MezLight will improve OR ergonomics for surgeons by providing a true alternative to wearing a headlight. 

We have also created a strategic product roadmap, based on our patent pending MezLight system design, that further addresses our core mission to benefit surgeons around the world. 

The MezLight team is collectively grateful for the many selfless individuals who have given their time, resources, and expertise to assist us in making MezLight a reality. 

“The opportunity to positively impact the lives of surgeons who work tirelessly to help others, and have an even small part in facilitating better outcomes is humbling and vastly inspiring.” – Karen Christianson

The MezLight is a much better alternative to operating room headlights.

Meet Team MezLight

Josh Mezrich, co-founder of MezLight




Karen Christianson, CEO & Co-Founder of MezLight



CEO & Co-Founder

Craig Christianson, Co-Founder of MezLight







Director of Product Design & Quality

Heidi Dorr, Director of Marketing & Sales at MezLight



VP of Global Market Access

Show Us Your MezLight!

Josh Mezrich showing the MezLight in action

The new MezLight shirt

The MezLight, a better Operating Room light

Surgeons showing off their MezLight swag

The MezLight Coozie

Team MezLight at a conference

How the MezLight works in the OR

Surgeons are happier with the MezLight

MezLight is Your Light!

Bright, sterile, flexible.

get lit